Aerosol Fumes EP

by Balloon Assembly Line

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released June 28, 2014

Kelby Clark- Guitar/Vocals
Derek Barkalow-Drums
Kyle Keler-Bass

Drums and bass on Aerosol Fumes by Jordan Ganas.
Recorded by Kelby Clark.
Mastered by Devin Black.



all rights reserved


Balloon Assembly Line Valdosta, Georgia

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Track Name: Norepinepherine Reuptake Inhibitors
Well we all lined up single file, oh no
Well we froze our water to put in our water to keep our water cold,
he said "take your hypnosis in doses, let it sink into your pours",
well we all walked out of those automatic doors

You said you would be a crutch you were more like a set of handcuffs,
you were smiling through your bottom teeth and asking other people's opinions,
I know, I'm probably the problem, and I'm suffocated by these tensions,
I replaced your mirror with your bed sheet, tell me do you like my inventions?

I was spitting Ovaltine all over your shoes and were repeating to him some, some old, two week old news, she said the needles went astray in almost each and every way, and there is anesthesia in my hearts chambers
Track Name: Aerosol Fumes
Four walls built to impress those who will never even walk through the door,
There's photos in the house of the people who live in the house, and they say
"Let's view our reflections inside a photo frame, thats how we looked and we'll never never look the same"

Four walls built for two fake lovers with only three rooms,
They lay down as he submerged his nose into her hair only to die of aerosol fumes

Two sleeves sown to impress those who only even care to see you without the on,
and the lights will go off and on, and the lights will go off and on,
and everybody will look up to the advertisements in the sky and they'll say
"oh, why'd you have to tell us such a lie, why'd you have to tell us such a cold lie?"

You'll learn to make molehills out of your mountains, and treasure out of your trash, and you'll realize the silly concept of cash/cats,
You'll laugh and smile over spilt milk, and you'll probably just kill one bird with one stone at a time,
all the bleach will seep into your hair follicles and you'll grow old, you'll grow old,
and even if I cold explain this any better,
well I still couldn't scratch the surface to you
I still couldn't scratch the surface to you.
Track Name: Drowning
Well some day you'll have said everything that you have to say

Telling a lie till it becomes the truth,
You'd be an interesting candidate for an invisible man inside of a phone both,
while drowning in the fountain of youth.

Telling a lie you can't even comprehend,
but I see the truth and fear in your eyes,
but you like to pretend as if this all won't come to an
Track Name: Sad Night at the Frozen Yogurt Establishment
Well it is a sad night at the frozen yogurt establishment, finally
And all the appealing artificial flavors, and the peppy paint schemes deceived us so rightfully.
Your moon and I will drink in porcelain skin,
There's twenty mouths moving but one voice is coming out.
It's nine minutes past 3 a.m.
and almost everybody is drunk,
inside of cookie cutter houses, with cookie cutter minds,
I think its past time to open the blinds, because our spines are fetishized by the war blimps outside, dropping dry ice down to the car wrecks.
It's only partly cloudy outside due to chem trails,
so we probably missed the northern lights when they derailed.
We'll use the excuse that our sight failed.

She'll always vanish,
and leave us with your vacant eyes

She'll always vanish,
and leave us with your vacant eyes